Hello to all of our amazing supporters!!!!

Would not have been able to come this far without you!

Wayward Leather Design Would like to announce our first full season at the Maryland Renaissance Festival! This is so exciting as we are in our prime and can not wait to see what we are going to do with our new booth.
For those of you familiar with the MDRF we have been fortunate enough to purchase a booth down on the boardwalk that, previously, was the “Tall Toad” hat shop!
Huge and beautiful (wonderfully cared for I might add) booth, that Wayward can transform into one of their very own, eyeballs and leather to come!

The Fair starts on August 26th and runs every weekend, including Labor Day, through October 22nd!

Many themed weekends are going on through this time and be sure to sport your finest for that weekend to get a chance to be featured in our newsletter as well as out instagram and twitter feed!!

I can’t wait to see all of our little babies who have found great homes and even better caretakers!

So come say hi! Look around the shop and ADOPT one of our monsters that have those smiles that kill.

Monsters not your scene? No problem we have over 100 different products in our Wayward Line.

Monsters Galore!
Decorative yet fully functional Skirt Hikes
Leather Sculpture
Dice Bags
Leather Covered Journals
Eyeball Capelets
Mug Straps
Dice Trays
Embroidered Belt Bags
and So Much more.