Mimic Monster Small Bag “Trelmor”


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Did you ever want a monster to hold your things and travel with you on all your adventures? Need a friendly mimic in your daily life? Now you have your chance! This monster’s name is Trelmor and they are made of mauve leather with one large eye.

There’s options on how to wear this bag! Want to wear them as a belt bag, sporran or as a fanny pack? On the back, there’s a wide loop slides where you slide your belt through, holding him snugly against your body with minimal swing.
Want to wear them as a daily purse? Clip the removable strap to the rings on the side and wear them as a shoulder bag or as a crossbody bag. Either way, you’ll have your things monster guarded and close at hand!

The bag is perfect for renaissance faires, festivals, to wear to a larp or to complete a costume or garb look.

They measure 7″x6″x2″. The fused glass eyes and the pearly teeth are hand made by me. The base leather is a sturdy bag leather. This is a one of a kind creation.


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