Mimic Monster Jewelry Box “Myrdin”


Mimic Monster Jewelry Box featuring Pink & Orange and Gold Alligator Textured  Leather with Eyes that Follow You.

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With their toothy grins, mimic monster boxes try to hide in plain sight. What better place to stash your prized possessions?

This mimic is named Myrdin and they are made from a faux crocodile textured leather. Their eyes will have an extreme follow effect. Inside, the hand painted wood interior has a layer of removable trays to store and sort valuables, and a mirror to see yourself.

The ivory teeth are hand cast, with the surface real leather. The eyes have a slight follow effect and are fused glass.

This box exterior measures 10" wide, 6" deep and 5" tall. The inside is wood. It is a one of a kind decorative piece.


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